Welcome to K&G 5 Star Barber College

At K&G 5 Star Barber College we provide students with a quality education to achieve a successful career in the barber industry. K&G 5 Star Barber College fine reputation has been maintained since its establishment.


K&G 5 Star Barber College offer students training in a profession that is personally and creatively rewarding, but can offer financial security and a strong sense of independence. We continually strive to update and improve our facility and curriculum's to offer students the best education in the Galveston County and surrounding areas.


K&G 5 Star Barber College is the only barber college in Galveston County with plan for continued expansion. Success is the result of our commitment to helping students build confidence and achieve their dreams. Those who understand success and want it are excellent candidates for K&G 5 Star Barber College.


Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation

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Austin, Texas 78711

(800) 803-9202

Voter Registration

How Can We Help?

K&G 5 Star Barber College encourages all students and employees to exercise their right to participate in their government by voting.  To that end, voter registration forms can be obtained at its business office.  Registration forms and additional information on voter registration can also be obtained online at www.votexas.org


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