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About K&G 5 Star Barber College

K&G 5 Star Barber College was founded on March 2010. K&G 5 Star Barber College is located in the heart of Galveston County. Our barber instructors have many years of experience in the field of barbering. We offer a unique style of teaching, one-on-one with the barber instructor, hands on with the barber instructor beside you until you feel confident.



K&G 5 Star Barber College seeks to embody distinct excellence by providing the state’s most comprehensive program in the barber industry. Our mission is to produce graduates equipped to pursue careers in the barber industry. In order to meet our mission, we commit to:


    • Provide a learning atmosphere;
    • Provide quality instruction to barber students in both the theory andthe practice of barbering;
    • Instill in each student the means for developing good groominghabits and continuing pattern of self-improvement; and
    • Assist graduates in securing employment in the barbering field.


K&G 5 Star Barber College is committed to providing opportunities to all individuals. When we accept a student, we also accept the responsibility of assisting students turn dreams into realities. At K&G 5 Star Barber College, our goal is to provide you with a strong foundation so that you can enjoy a dynamic and lucrative career in one of the world’s oldest professions.

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